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If you conduct a telemarketing campaign or simply follow-up a lead or customer inquiry, you must have accurate telephone numbers on file. ePhoneAppend.com's Telephone Append System is one of the most comprehensive offered. Regular Phone Append processing simply compares your customer name and address to our database. Telephone numbers are appended on matched records. For our consumer appending, up to seven match levels, ranging from exact match to matching of elements within the name and address, are compared. Match criteria descriptions for each parameter are also provided.

When applying our Telephone Append solution, the match rates typically range from 35% to 75%. Match rates vary based on many factors such as file recency, coverage (i.e. areas with high incidence of unlisted numbers), and accuracy of the data on your file. The Telephone Append charges are based on the number of records matched or a minimum processing charge, whichever is greater.

Added Benefits

  • Telephone Verification ProcessingIf you already have telephone numbers on your file our processing includes verifying those numbers saving you considerable call canter costs. Consequently, you will decrease the probability of calling a changed or wrong (mis-keyed) telephone number. A telephone number is considered a “verified match” when your existing telephone number matches the telephone number we have on file.
  • Time Zone ApplicationThis value added process allows you to follow the Telephone Consumer Privacy Act (TCPA) Regulations limiting your calls to a period of 8 A.M. and 9 P.M. You can also perform time response analysis on your house file which will help you to maximize you response rates by calling during the most responsive hours of the day
  • Area Code UpdateIn order to increase the probability that you reach your customers or prospects, Area Code will provide you with the most recent changes Click here for a full description of Area Code Update
  • Direct Marketing Association Telephone Prefernce Service (DMA/TPS)The DMA/TPS process decreases your chances of calling resentful, unresponsive consumers thus wasting precious marketing dollars and effort. Click here for a full description of the DMA/TPS

Please be adPlease be advised that we only suppress those telephone numbers of consumers that match the DMA/TPS and any State Do-Not-Call list(s) included within the DMA/TPS file. At the moment, Connecticut, Maine and Wyoming are included in the DMA/TPS file. You should ensure that your telemarketing efforts conform to all Federal and State legislation, since we cannot provide you with any State Do-Not-Call lists other than those states included in the DMA/TPS file.


Service Level Price Per Thousand Processed
Minimum Order 50 Records 50M-250M Records 250M-1MM Records 1MM+ Records
3 Business Day Service $200.00 $25.00/M Match Charge $22.00/M Match Charge $20.00/M Match Charge $18.00/M Match Charge
Next Business Day P.M. Service $275.00 $30.00/M Match Charge $27.00/M Match Charge $25.00/M Match Charge $23.00/M Match Charge
Next Business Day A.M. Service $350.00 $35.00/M Match Charge $31.00/M Match Charge $28.00/M Match Charge $26.00/M Match Charge
3 Hour Priority Service $450.00 $40.00/M Match Charge $35.00/M Match Charge $32.00/M Match Charge $30.00/M Match Charge

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