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Wireless Identification & Reverse Append Process

ePhoneAppend.com can identify cell numbers and numbers ported to wireless. For cell phone Reverse Append we can provide a name and address for mailing purposes. This process can also be used for name and address verification.

If you need to identify wireless numbers, for compliance with TCPA and/or for customer opt-in communications, wireless phone identification provides comprehensive and economic solutions.


Service Level Price Per Thousand Processed
Minimum Order 50M-250M Records 250M-1MM Records 1MM+ Records
3 Business Day Service $1.40/M $125 Min. $1.30/M $125 Min. $1.20/M $0.95/M
Next Business Day P.M Service $1.85/M $175 Min. $1.60/M $175 Min. $1.35/M $1.15/M
Next Business Day A.M. Service $2.15/M $205 Min. $1.90/M $205 Min. $1.55/M $1.45/M
3 Hour Priority Service $3.00/M $240 Min. $2.50/M $240 Min. $1.90/M $1.80/M

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