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Telephone Data Service

Area Code Update
In order to increase the probability that you reach you customers or prospects the first time you try, you should update your Area Codes with the most recent changes. There are over 10,000 changes per year. Click here for more information.

DMA/TPS Phone Suppression
More consumers than ever are requesting not to be called at home. Federal legislation requires telemarketers to remove the name of any individual that tells them they do not want to be called. Calling resentful, unresponsive consumers is a waste of precious marketing dollars and effort. Click here for more information.

Telephone Append
If you want to conduct a telemarketing campaign or simply follow-up a lead or customer inquiry, you must have accurate telephone numbers on file. Phone Append processing compares customer name and address fields to a house database. Telephone numbers, including area codes, are appended on matched records. In addition to being matched with our consumer database, ePhoneAppend uses seven matching parameters making it the most comprehensive solution available. Click here for more information.

Reverse Telephone Append
Does your house file or prospect list only contain phone numbers without addresses? Did your direct marketing campaign start strictly as Telemarketing and now you want to follow-up with a direct mail piece? The solution is simple, just give us your list of customer or prospect phone numbers, and where there is a match, a name and address will be added. CLick here for more information.

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